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HOW TO: Grow your own mint

1 Nov

This seriously huge mug, filled with water, makes for a cute addition to the kitchen this week while my mint attempts to grow its new roots.


Growing mint in my garden is one of my secret pleasures. It likes to be drowned in water all the time, and when you brush past it, it smells so gosh darn delicious. 🙂 Here’s another little tip I picked up from my Mum. If you don’t grow mint in your garden yet, you may start to, after this super easy tip.

When you pick mint from your garden, (or the next time you buy it from the shops (*cough* farmers markets!!) 😉 ) rather than pulling individual leaves off the bushes, cut long stems and remove the bottom half of the leaves. These loose leaves can be used immediately or stored in the fridge to be used within a day or so afterwards.

20121101-210930.jpgPut the stems in water and over the next few weeks new roots will grow out sideways from the stem. (I’ll post photos below, showing the new roots as soon as this lot start to grow.)
20121101-211149.jpg All you have to do then is replant them in a pot (easy to contain and maintain), or the garden (it will spread out a lot though, it’s an explorer. Choose an area you want to fill)… and then you’ll have brand new mint. Plants are kinda awesome like that. Hooray for tasty, sustainable, edible gardens! 🙂 Keep them well watered. Mint hearts water.

Here is the recipe I use for “minted yoghurt”. Try it as a dip, with kofta and flatbread, with tabouli etc. YUM!

Edit 11/11/12: After less then two weeks in the water here are the results so far. Most haven’t yet sprouted, but a few have. I will leave them all in the water, even these, for a bit longer.


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