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Mint Slice & Choc Oreo Brownie Ice Cream Cake

2 Apr

This was ridiculously, stupidly, crazily sweet and rich. Like, sickeningly so. But, with every mouthful I was saying, “Next time I’ll… and also next time I’ll…” The point is, you know you’re on to something good when you’re planning that there will *be* a next time before you’ve even finished *this* time. Oh yes, my pretty… there will be a next time. 20140402-104845.jpg

It is not very often that I cook from recipes on the Internet. Of course there is nothing wrong with a lot of them, and it is an amazing resource, but I like to check my cook books I have in the house first, and then if they don’t cover what I need, then I will “Google it”. I recently stumbled upon this amazing looking food blog and have decided to try out a few of her recipes. Stand by for my post about¬†this dessert in future… I have my eye square on it. ūüôā But for now, I was looking for a nut free dessert option, so I made this one. I’ve linked to the original content, because Lindsay¬†deserves the credit for her work. However, it is an American site, and all the units needed to be converted (which I’ve done for you below), the sweetness needed to be eased back for the Aussie palate (which I now know for next time) and also some of the key products were unavailable in Australia. ¬†The mint oreos for this mint oreo based dessert, for example, I couldn’t find. Alas, this was not going to slow me down! ūüôā¬†I’ve done some¬†experimenting with¬†substitutions for you and they are detailed below. ūüôā The original¬†instructions are well written, so feel free to have a read of her post in its¬†entirely¬†if you want more details and if you find something else on her site that you’d like me to try out (it’s quite likely, they look¬†delicious!), let me know in the comments below. ūüôā Ok – so what follows is my (hopefully not too bastardised) version of Lindsay’s¬†Mint Oreo Brownie Ice Cream Cake. It would be great for large groups who appreciate a very rich dessert. It¬†fed 11 adults¬†(to the brim), and there was still half left over. We simply couldn’t stomach it… ūüôā in a good way.

What’s in it?

  • A batch of my usual brownies recipe, leaving out the choc chips
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 250grams¬†cream cheese – softened
  • 1/2 cup caster sugar
  • 2 tsp mint extract (I had essence rather than extract, so that’s what I used, and that was fine.)
  • Very small amount of green food coloring or icing color (I used too much!)
  • One cup of cream, to whip.*
  • chocolate ice cream topping (I didn’t use as much as the original recipe wanted. I think our sauce is much thicker, so I just drizzled straight from the bottle each time it was needed. This worked well.)
  • 1 packet Mint Slice chocolate biscuits, chopped
  • 1 packet chocolate cream Oreo¬†biscuits, chopped (“Normal” Oreos would work fine, there is¬†plenty¬†of chocolate elsewhere here)

*¬†I tried her recipe for¬†homemade whipped cream¬†and that was really tasty, but I think adding the extra sugar and vanilla here is¬†unnecessary¬†for our Aussie palates Note – I have since discovered that we have mint Tim Tams available sometimes. If I could find these, I would use these next time instead of the two different biscuits above. I think that would work well… What ever you use, divide¬†your biscuits in two larger groups for layering and one smaller, for decorating the top.

What do I do now?
Lindsay says:¬†“An 8-inch springform pan is best for this recipe so that you can easily remove the cake once it‚Äôs been assembled. If you do not have a springform pan, line your pan with clear wrap before adding your parchment paper and cake board. You can use the clear wrap to lift your cake out of the pan once it‚Äôs assembled and frozen.”
Ok – firstly, take the cream cheese out of the fridge now. I had all sorts of issues, because I forgot to, and it wasn’t softened when I tried to mix it. Whoops.
Then, using the 2 springform pans, make and bake¬†the brownies as per my previous¬†recipe (omit the choc chips and shorten the cooking time – ¬†try 20 mins and go from there). I say “brownies”, because you will devide the ONE batch between the TWO pans. (I made a double batch, and it was WAY too much, as you can see in the photo… and on my hips now. Haha!) Let the cooked brownies cool down, then remove from pans.
After the brownies are cool: using a mix master mix the milk, cream cheese, sugar, mint extract and food colouring. Mix these until completely combined. Remember that the green colouring will be washed out by the cream later on, but don’t go crazy. I used too much. Lindsay says you can hand whip here… Lindsay must be buff-as-bro. ūüėČ ¬†After this, fold in the whipped cream.
Putting it all together: 
  • Line the sides of one of your¬†original springform pans with baking paper. The paper needs to¬†stick up above the top edge of the pan, as¬†the cake will ¬†be higher¬†than your pan.
  • Put the first brownie layer in the bottom of your pan and spread over it a¬†mixture of both Mint Slice and choc cream Oreo biscuits. Drizzle¬†chocolate sauce over the biscuits.
  • Pour half of the mint ice cream in on top of that and flatten out. (Next time I will choose to¬†pipe¬†the icecream on with a very large nozzle, right up against the paper, rather than spreading it. Hopefully this would give a cleaner look around the edges when the paper is removed later. If you are not a “piping” kind of person, the spreading worked fine.)
  • Repeat with the¬†second brownie, more biscuits, more drizzled chocolate sauce and then the¬†rest of the mint ice cream.
  • Pop it all in the freezer (best of luck creating the space for it first…) and let the cake freeze completely (I left mine overnight, but I checked on it after only a few hours and it was good to go.)
When its good and frozen, take it out of the pan, put it on your serving plate and then take off the¬†paper from the sides.¬†Top it all off with a¬†handful of biscuit and drizzle chocolate sauce, allowing it to run¬†down the sides of the cake. (I actually didn’t read the recipe properly here and did this step before I put it in the freezer. It was fine, but then I re-drizzled to decorate the sides once it was on the serving plate.)
Note: It will need to thaw for a bit, in order to be able to be cut… as we discovered at the table… and then had to sit staring at it… waiting… ūüėČ

Ummm… was it YUMMMM? ¬† ¬† Why yes… yes it was¬†indeed.

Was is ridiculously, stupidly rich, and something you couldn’t eat every day? ¬† ¬†Sure.

Would I make it again?     Gosh darn, yes I would!


Well done, Lindsay. ūüôā Here, have a piece of ice cream cake. This version was not perfect I admit that, but it was well enjoyed, and there will be a next time! ūüôā


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