Frozen Bananas – icky, but oh so useful…

5 Feb

I’ve blogged about freezing bananas before. They are beyond icky and peeling them makes your thumbs go numb. So today, as I was switching between peeling frozen bananas, and running my hands under warm water to bring my thumbs back to life, I was also pondering a better system. It turns out you can freeze bananas already peeled. It works, it’s easy and they survive the freezer just fine. I tried this out the other day, in anticipation of this moment, and froze a peeled banana in a zip lock bag. Peachy keen jelly bean!  Low and behold today there was one (perfectly fine) less icky frozen banana to peel.

Having said all that, if you do continue to freeze them in their skins (I don’t know, because maybe you don’t want to use plastic because the banana already comes in a perfectly fine “freezer pouch” (it’s skin) and you are virtuous and lovely and want to save the dolphins, or something and you can bare the possibility of losing your thumbs in a frostbite like banana baking incident) then here is a tip for you too. I used to let them thaw before I peeled them; it was just gross. It was sloppy, messy and they were much harder to peel. It turns out that they peel easier straight out of the freezer and you can be quite rough with them which makes the process faster. Another idea: peeling frozen bananas works better if you peel chunks of their skin off SIDEWAYS, rather than the lengthways way you would if you were going to eat them.

So there you go; icky frozen bananas made just slightly less ickier.


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