Classic Choc Chip Cookies

7 Oct

These choc chip cookies are one of my “go to” recipes for when we are craving something sweet. It is pretty much fool proof. The recipe is from The Australian Woman’s Weekly Cookbooks: COOK.
The raw dough keeps happily in the fridge, (it’s awesome to eat raw too) and these cookies are definitely more delicious baked fresh when you want them, and eaten hot when the chocolate is all melty. Yum!

It is not possible to pretend that these are good for you, so I’m not going to even try. Enjoy. 🙂


A note, but not a lecture: When buying the choc chips, I strictly avoid the Nestlé brand. I initially came across the international boycott of this brand at my first University. They had a campus wide ban, and I was cranky because I couldn’t buy a certain chocolate bar I liked. It was an effective way of getting the message out there, and it certainly changed my view of things.
There is plenty of information about this boycott on the internet, and I’ll allow you to do your own research. 2 minutes of Googling and you’ll know enough to inform your choice.


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